Nelie Rheeder

Brief info

Since I can remember, I have had health issues related to allergies and gut problems. After my son was born, the doctors discovered that he also had health problems, namely sensory processing disorder which affect smell and taste, and result in hyposensitivity and picky food preferences. I had to discover a way to heal or manage our health conditions with nutritious, healthy ways. This included improving our relationship with food and strengthening our immune systems. Thus, Milk and Honey was born.

I merged my passion for helping people to establish a foundation that focuses on starting healthy food habits that promote a healthy immune system and developing your child’s brain to optimise gut health. Focusing on the best, high nutritional, organic, GMO free, pure, natural, and fresh ingredients (growing vegetables) to eliminate allergies, obesity, diabetes, dental problems, cancer – and reduce risk of chronic diseases. A diet free from gluten, refined sugars, carbs that spike blood sugar, toxins like heavy metals pesticides, hormones, preservatives, trans fats and processed food.
I offer cooking classes that include vegan, vegetarian, fermenting products, lunchbox meals, healthy drinks, unconventional treats, homemade remedies, and beauty products (including skincare like face, body, healing salves and baby skincare). I just want to share all the knowledge I have gained over the years.

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